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Twitter Trolls to Block

Posted by Dan Draney on January 9, 2011

If you follow discussions on Twitter with the “hashtags” used by conservatives (#tcot #twisters #ocra #sgp, etc.), you may be wishing you could block the annoying leftist trolls trying to disrupt things. Here is my compilation of accounts to block. While it’s far from comprehensive, it does dramatically reduce the noise.

@watergatesummer, @jrbaltmd57, @libertybelle4, @johnd1967, @moodyloner, @justabrick, @garylpollard, @hardknoxfirst, @punkyp, @1oldcoot, @alottawa, @tatterd, @larrydhalstead, @zjas5, @ksquared3, @anti_fox_news, @portcitypisces, @maliheh_, @janettthinks, @ellceebee, @harmonywho, @genderconstruct, @celestialbeard, @d_hoppers_ghost, @unorigmoniker, @nojoe101, @sharoney, @spathiphyllum, @brettr4763, @bowedoak, @brx0, @bigmoney4shelly, @theladyharley, @pheco, @jolinastar, @its_our_choice, @_gregwhoward, @redscarebot, @achura, @pittgirly, @louvice, @watergirl95, @sandinbrick, @shannon_ahern, @rocky1542, @mdrfl, @wre1948, @sindad1, @thechickabides, @navdoc3rdmar, @politicalbee, @mother_rell, @socooked, @hardknoxfirst, @mccollin2010, @caregiver55, @ghostdansing, @anarchytweet, @barbiesnow, @antiwacko, @cody_k, @progressiveman7, @whumba, @salleegal, @queerjohnpa, @1kecko, @concrusher, @spreadbutter, @withyobadself, @politicalgates, @turtletears, @crystalwolflady, @otoolefan, @katieannieoakly,  @msveronicajay, @runforfun54, @molinelobo, @justgrateful @libwstcoastprof

If you are using Tweetdeck, simply copy this list. Then open your preferences. Click on “Global Filter,” and paste the list into the “From people:” box. Click “Save Settings,” and tweets from these accounts will never trouble you again in Tweetdeck. The list is in the correct format for Tweetdeck (users separated by commas). Using it in other Twitter apps may require some other format.

If you have suggested changes (additions or deletions) for the troll list, please comment on this post and/or send me a message on twitter: @DanDraney. Of course, if you are on the troll list, I won’t see your tweets.

I will update this list from time to time and keep it on the main page of the blog. So bookmark it for future reference.

UPDATE: 4/24/11 Added the Twitter usernames in red to the list. Update2: The last 3, in bold, were added after the initial update.

UPDATE: 2/28/14 Removed a person who does not seem to be engaged in any trollish behavior.

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Peculiar Result in Neb Primary

Posted by Dan Draney on May 24, 2010

can of hammerheads

Which is smarter: A Dem primary voter or this can of hammerheads?

Last Tuesday’s primary election here in Lincoln for the Congressional seat currently held by Jeff Fortenberry [R] is a bizarre and largely untold story. No, Rep. Fortenberry did not drown in a TEA Party tidal wave; he easily beat back his primary challengers. The oddity was in the Democrat primary, with the party’s choice, Ivy Harper, facing off against a group of amateurs. Two of her opponents were so inept they had no web presence at all and didn’t even bother  answering the questions to get into the Lincoln Journal Star Voter’s Guide.

Harper campaigned as a “moderate” Democrat, to the extent one believes such creatures exist, calling herself the “Center-Pivot Candidate.” It’s a small joke on the center-pivot irrigation systems, widely used in Nebraska, which apparently means she’ll be going around in circles. Or perhaps, it’s that once she’s elected she’ll pivot sharply to the left? On the issues Harper advocates pretty conventional liberal positions.

So it was shocking to see Harper struggle to eek out a win in a very tight race against Jessica Lynn Turek. Turek’s qualifications and positions via the Journal Star Voter’s Guide:

Turek says she is a Nebraska native who works to make us prouder Nebraskans. She says people deserve economic stability. Technology has made our lives easier and now is the time to make positive adjustments.

Turek has a Bachelor of Arts degree, more than six years of professional library experience and a year of AmeriCorps work.

What would you like to accomplish as a member of the House during the next two years?

Raise the minimum wage; price caps on housing, autos, produce and gas. Price caps on energy and make money beautiful and smell good.

Do you believe Congress should attempt to govern in a more bipartisan way, and if so, what actions would you take to try to help achieve that?

Bipartisanship is a natural result of good ideas. Positive, the Nebraska we want. Everlasting for the future now.

The rest of the questions were unanswered. Now Ms. Turek may be a wonderful person, but who in the world reads this kind of thing and decides, “Yeah, I’ll vote for that?”

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Hey, Dems: You Broke It. You Own It.

Posted by Dan Draney on March 21, 2010

Liberals are basking in the glow of their “victory” tonight in destroying the most innovative, most responsive healthcare system in the world. Time will tell, but we may have just witnessed the end of the Democrat Party. It’s now Pottery Barn Time, and the Dems have definitely broken another 1/6th of the economy to add to their previous work destroying the federal budget. With the possible exception of between now and November, I can’t imagine seeing this kind of display of political arrogance again in my lifetime.

At the corners of a square are: a fiscally conservative Democrat; a pro-life Democrat; the Easter Bunny; and a paralyzed veteran. In the middle of the square is a $1 bill. Which of the four will get to the $1 bill first. Answer: the paralyzed veteran, because the other three are figments of the imagination.

Large majorities of Americans strongly oppose runaway government spending, ever more government interference into our livers and government funding of abortion. This bill is hugely unpopular now, and, like the Stimulus, it will get less popular as people learn they have been lied to at every turn. Every Democrat Congressional seat is now in play.

Here’s the closing of an excellent article from Mark Steyn on the Democrats’ Brave New World: Welcome to Deemocracy – Mark Steyn – National Review Online. You should read the whole thing.

Look around you, and take it all in. From now on, it gets worse. If you have kids, they’ll live in smaller homes, drive smaller cars, live smaller lives. If you don’t have kids, you better hope your neighbors do, because someone needs to spawn a working population large enough to pay for the unsustainable entitlements the Obama party has suckered you into thinking you’re entitled to. The unfunded liabilities of current entitlements are $100 trillion. Try typing that onto your pocket calculator. You can’t. There isn’t enough room for all the zeroes, and, even if they made a pocket calculator large enough, and a pocket large enough, you’d be walking with a limp. To these existing entitlements, Obama and his enforcers in Congress propose to add the grandest of all: health care, on a scale no advanced democracy has ever attempted.

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It’s Over

Posted by Ryne McClaren on March 21, 2010

What will likely go down in history as the most egregious expansion of government ever seen, Congressional Democrats tonight paved the way for the future bankruptcy of every American who hasn’t even been born yet.

Obama watched the vote in the White House’s Roosevelt Room with Vice President Joe Biden and about 40 staff aides. When the long sought 216th vote came in — the magic number needed for passage — the room burst into applause and hugs. An exultant president exchanged a high-five with his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.

Yes, high fives all around.  From two men who will likely never spend a single day of their lives in the system they just created.

And Bart Stupak, who has spent the last couple of months misleading the American public into thinking he just might be virtually the only Democrat in Congress with any morals or spine, was purchased for a mere $726,429.

Sickening.  Positively sickening.

The only positive that I can extract from today’s events are that in eight short months we’re going to get to find out exactly what the American people think of this.

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Demon Pass

Posted by Dan Draney on March 17, 2010

That’s what I hear when they talk about the Pelosi/Slaughter plan to “deem and pass” the takeover of 1/6th of the economy without actually voting on a bill. Instead they will vote on a “self-executing rule” to deem the bill passed with a bunch of amendments sneaked in at the last minute without debate or even reading. Anyone have a problem with that? You must be a racist homophobe hypocrite, according to the anointed ones. Not to worry, though, because, as Pres. Obama tells us, “Well, a lot of those folks, your employer it’s estimated would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000 percent [sic], which means they could give you a raise.”

We are heading into a Demon Pass of sorts, as the “progressives” try to outdo themselves on who can show the greatest disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution. Just a few other straws in the wind from today alone:

Reason Magazine: Oregon police SWAT teams surround a law-abiding citizen’s house, arrest him, confiscate his guns. All without a crime, a threat, a warrant or even probable cause.

The House Judiciary Committee thinks you must be a racist if you point out that the feds can’t legally force the states to let felons vote. The members think they’ll just have to find some way to get around those pesky, explicit Constitutional provisions that reserve that decision to the states.

Eric Holder “explains” how we have to give terrorists civilian trials by jury and the best legal team leftist money can buy, because Osama bin Laden is really just like Charles Manson. But don’t worry, we’ll never Mirandize bin Laden, because we’ll just kill him.

For the first time in recorded history, Dennis Kucinich spoke and a few people were actually interested in what he had to say, which amounts to, “I’m a much cheaper date than Landrieu or Nelson,” and “I’ll vote for this bill no matter how bad it is, and believe me, it reeks.”

Demon Pass dead ahead.

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The Coffee Party Con

Posted by Dan Draney on March 16, 2010

Turns out “The Coffee Party” is about as spontaneous as an Iranian “Death to America” Rent-a-Crowd. [via American Thinker: The Coffee Party Con.]

The new and much-publicized Coffee Party movement sports a fairy-tale narrative about a spontaneous uprising of concerned Americans appalled at the Tea Parties and determined to restore civility. The truth, easily researchable on the internet, is that plenty of left-wing establishment fingerprints are all over the birth of this supposedly spur-of-the-moment operation.

Despite a sequence of puff pieces in the MSM about this “grass roots” organization, it’s astroturf all the way:

However, there are some awkward footprints leading up to the purportedly spontaneous birth and the emergence of the “accidental leader,” who turns out to have lots of help. About the time of launching the Coffee Party, Ms. Park attended what was billed as RootsCampDC at the Washington office of a liberal teachers’ union called the National Education Association.

The list of attendees reads like royalty of the progressive movement: people from the White House, Harry Reid’s office, the Democratic National Committee, the Center for American Progress,, the SEIU, MoveOn, La Raza, Organizing for America, the Alliance for Climate Protection, etc., etc. This Astroturf camp for progressives included people from NPR, PBS, and Firedoglake. (Was everyone at CNN and CBS busy?)

Ms. Park was a presenter on the panel, “Coffee Party: 100% Grassroots/Netroots Strategic Response to the ‘TEA.'”

Look out, Ms. Park, your Nutroots are showing.

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Hacking Big Media

Posted by Ryne McClaren on March 12, 2010

Without much comment from me (because it’s a very lengthy piece) comes a great story about Andrew Breitbart from Wired: How Andrew Breitbart Hacks the Media.

For someone who claims to hate the “Democrat-media complex,” Breitbart sure knows how to work it. Few people are better at packaging information for maximum distribution and impact. He is, depending on whom you ask, either the “leading figure in this right-wing creation of a parallel universe of lies and idiotic conspiracy theories” (that was liberal critic Eric Boehlert of Media Matters for America) or “the most dangerous man on the right today” (from Michael Goldfarb, Republican consultant and former campaign aide to John McCain). Breitbart is, in short, expert in making the journalism industry his bitch. “The market has forced me to come up with techniques to be noticed,” Breitbart says. “And now that I have them, I’m like, wow, this is actually great. This is fun.”

Read the whole thing, as they say.

One of the things that Breitbart has capitalized on, and I’m tracing this back to his Drudge Report days, is his ability (and foresight) to work around the media, and not within their narrow little box of what constitutes “reporting” and “journalism.”  In one short year Breitbart has changed the dynamic of reporting, for good or ill, and has rendered leftist stalwarts such as Eric Boehlert and Max Blumenthal insane with rage and hypocracy.

Andrew figured out a long time ago that a.) the media is not the non-liberal’s friend, and b.) there is absolutely no such thing as “equal time.”  The media is, quite simply, running a rigged game filled with straw men and all sorts of wacky traps for non-leftists.

It’s possible to bring the story to the people, in the year of our Lord 2010.  You don’t have to wait for the people come to you.

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The Perfect Krugman Slapdown

Posted by Dan Draney on March 8, 2010

I really can’t imagine how this could be improved upon. James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal:

Former Enron adviser Paul Krugman takes note in his New York Times column of what he calls “the incredible gap that has opened up between the parties”:

Today, Democrats and Republicans live in different universes, both intellectually and morally.

“What Democrats believe,” he says “is what textbook economics says”:

But that’s not how Republicans see it. Here’s what Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, the second-ranking Republican in the Senate, had to say when defending Mr. Bunning’s position (although not joining his blockade): unemployment relief “doesn’t create new jobs. In fact, if anything, continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work.”

Krugman scoffs: “To me, that’s a bizarre point of view–but then, I don’t live in Mr. Kyl’s universe.”

What does textbook economics have to say about this question? Here is a passage from a textbook called “Macroeconomics”:

Public policy designed to help workers who lose their jobs can lead to structural unemployment as an unintended side effect. . . . In other countries, particularly in Europe, benefits are more generous and last longer. The drawback to this generosity is that it reduces a worker’s incentive to quickly find a new job. Generous unemployment benefits in some European countries are widely believed to be one of the main causes of “Eurosclerosis,” the persistent high unemployment that affects a number of European countries.

So it turns out that what Krugman calls Sen. Kyl’s “bizarre point of view” is, in fact, textbook economics. The authors of that textbook are Paul Krugman and Robin Wells. Miss Wells is also known as Mrs. Paul Krugman.

It seems Krugman himself lives in two different universes–the universe of the academic economist and the universe of the bitter partisan columnist. Or maybe this is like that episode of “Star Trek” in which crewmen from the Enterprise switched places with their counterparts from a universe in which everyone was the same, only evil.

Like Spock, the evil Krugman is the one with the beard.

If I only read one thing on the internet in a day, it’s Taranto’s Best of the Web. Read the rest of this one at Mirror, Mirror –

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Yes, We Can…

Posted by Ryne McClaren on March 7, 2010

… add trillions to trillions.

WASHINGTON – A new congressional report released Friday says the United States’ long-term fiscal woes are even worse than predicted by President Barack Obama’s grim budget submission last month.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicts that Obama’s budget plans would generate deficits over the upcoming decade that would total $9.8 trillion. That’s $1.2 trillion more than predicted by the administration.

The agency says its future-year predictions of tax revenues are more pessimistic than the administration’s. That’s because CBO projects slightly slower economic growth than the White House.

Prediction: someday soon the CBO will be outlawed by Presidential edict.  Those guys are always getting in the way of our future Greek way of living.

The article drones on for a bit before mentioning that a 18-member panel is being formed (what, no czar?) to come up with ways that reduce the deficit.  So sit back and relax, working class.

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Obama the Outsider

Posted by Ryne McClaren on March 4, 2010

Oh, this is rich.

The throw-the-bums-out mentality is so strong in American politics that even the ultimate insider — the president of the United States — is running against Washington.

Casting yourself as an outsider from inside the White House is no easy trick, especially when your party controls both houses of Congress. But that doesn’t stop Barack Obama from trying.

“At stake right now is not just our ability to solve this problem,” Obama said Wednesday, referring to the U.S. health care system, “but our ability to solve any problem. The American people want to know if it’s still possible for Washington to look out for their interests and their future.”

As the writer notes, this story is as old as the office itself.

Every President has tried it, obviously, but it’s going to be interesting to see how well it works when you’ve got the place stuffed to the rafters with lobbyists and gold is raining from the sky.

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Jim Bunning: Hero or Villain

Posted by Ryne McClaren on March 2, 2010

Well, depends on who you ask.

Jim Bunning

To a few on the right — and your humble blogger — Bunning did something in the last week that few have actually dared to do: temporarily slow the inevitable march of the Federal spending machine.  That dapper young righty (no pun intended, but still) in the picture had the Senate logjammin’ with a filibuster over a $10 billion dollar spending bill.

The angry man of the Senate was at it again.Republican Sen. Jim Bunning, a 78-year-old Hall of Fame pitcher, played hardball on Capitol Hill, single-handedly holding up a $10 billion spending bill because it would add to the deficit.

Oh, the horror.  Damn you, “angry man,” for daring to stop the most excellent bread and circuses that have come to town.  Don’t you know that the Democrats are actively engaged in spending our way out of debt?

It takes a bit of slogging to get the general gist of what Bunning was so worked up about, because by my count there are around 20 paragraphs explaining just exactly how big of an a##hole Jim Bunning is.  Words such as ornery, cantankerous, possessing an “ungovernable mouth,” his “cursing” at reporters, and giving an ABC producer the finger.  Bunning is also described as “toxic,” and in the throes of “his last hurrah.” Mention is also made that Bunning has been referred to as “mentally unstable.”  Robert Gibbs, the spit-flecked penny whistle of the Obama administration, even made mention that you can’t “negotiate with the irrational.”

Do you think the AP might be trying to lead you, the reader, just a little bit?

All of these descriptive sentences go on and on until we reach something of an explanation as to what’s happening:

He had been holding up the spending bill since Thursday, saying he objected because it requires borrowing money. Bunning proposed to pay for the extension with unspent money from last year’s big economic recovery package, but Democrats objected.

By the Senate’s rules, that single objection was enough to block the bill, at least temporarily.

The move had forced some 2,000 federal employees into unpaid furloughs, put jobless benefits in jeopardy for millions and halted more than 40 highway projects.

The absolute horror of it all.  For one week he has held all of this stuff up, and temporarily.  It’s amazing that the Republic could withstand the onslaught of a 78-year old former Major Leaguer.

It may be convenient for me, a rather milquetoast libertarian, to point out that Republicans are… y’know, supposed to be in favor of fiscal restraint and all.  But in the Roaring 2010, it might also benefit the constituents of other Republicans (I’m looking at a few in particular here) to take note of that whole fiscal restraint thing as well.

“He’s hurting the American people,” Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said when asked Tuesday if Bunning was hurting the Republican Party.

Anyone here from Maine?  Please vote against this woman at your earliest opportunity, please.

I don’t think that Jim Bunning probably cares what anyone much says about him at this point, as surely he will not seek re-election.  The number of Senators who have blown billions or even trillions of dollars of taxpayer money on frivolity and pork are legion.  Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd were and have been retained well past their natural shelf lives, thanks to their ability to catch money with dump trucks rather than buckets, but have generally been lionized in their golden years.  Lucky for those two old-timers that they never tried to get in the way of setting up the circus tents.

Byrd was a notorious ass in his salad days, not to mention a generally despicable racist.  Ted Kennedy goes without saying.  But Jim Bunning?  He took too long in line at the ATM.

We’ll all live to spend another day, folks.  Bunning has ended his filibuster.  The spending of new money over some other money can resume apace.


My inbox today featured this gem from my dad:

For those that did know and forgot and those that have never known and never cared:  Bunning was 10-15 against the Yankees and 24-15 against the Senators. (Circa 1955-1963) And 1-0 vs Senators 2010.

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Who Is Bill Ayers?

Posted by Dan Draney on October 22, 2008

From Five Feet of Fury.

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The Angry Right

Posted by Dan Draney on October 12, 2008

Suddenly, the dinosaur media have discovered that some people at McCain-Palin rallies are angry. It seems some people there actually even dislike Barack “The One” Obama, if you can imagine. The impertinence! He has been annointed. Didn’t those wingnuts get the message?

These reports of a few inappropriate catcalls from a crowd of thousands may be true, although we can’t rule out plants from the Left attempting to discredit McCain-Palin supporters or plain media fabrications. Perhaps now that the MSM have discovered this angry speck in the eye of the Right, they might take a little notice of the log of seething rage that has been the public face of the Left for the past 8 years. Michelle Malkin has a good review of some of the fruits of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS), Palin Madness Syndrome (PMS), and McCain Hatred. Then there is this video of the wonderful, tolerant liberals of New York’s Upper West Side, and Jim Treacher proves again that it’s impossible to parody these guys. When we start to see MSM stories about the eyeball popping rage on the left, I’ll start to take their opinions on the subject more seriously.

Which is not to say conservatives, even libertarian conservatives like myself, aren’t angry. I am angry, although I’m not about to assault anyone. I’m angry about several things.

The MSM have become an arm of the Obama campaign, abandoning any pretense of objectivity. Could they bother to look into Obama’s past at all? How about spending just 1/100th of the resources they spent trying to smear Sarah Palin looking into Obama’s buddies: Rezko; Wright; Pfleger; and Ayers. How about equal billing for the true story of Obama’s ties to the socialist New Party along with the false story of Palin and the Alaskan Independence Party? How about looking into his record in Illinois, at Harvard and at Columbia beyond what he says in his autobiographies?

Obama has been able to run his campaign as a complete cypher. He’s a political chameleon, running to the left of Hillary and to the right of McCain in the same election. In the primary he was planning to gut the defense budget, including missile defense, but in the first debate with McCain, suddenly missile defense is essential to him. He’s actually claiming that he’ll prosecute the war in Afghanistan more agressively than McCain. Who really believes that? Not his Nutroots supporters, who know that’s just a put on to fool the rest of us. If any previous statements become inconvenient, he just denies he ever made them, and the press plays along. He’s a bullshitter, constantly puffing up his resume with exaggerated or phony claims.

While posing as a “post-partisan,” “post-racial” candidate, Obama has managed to run one of the most visciously partisan and openly race-baiting campaigns in history. McCain runs an ad comparing Obama to celebrity airheads, and gets attacked for “racism.” McCain points out the links between Obama and former Fannie Mae CEOs, one white one black, who made millions while ruining the financial system, and those ads are “racist.” Palin notes the Ayers connection, and that’s, take a guess, “racist.” Is it possible there exists some way to criticize Obama’s record, words or deeds that is not racist? Perhaps a McCain ad that agreed that we need Hope and Change, but claimed we should Do More would pass muster. Nope, racist.

Joe Biden is a walking gaffe machine, but for some reason that doesn’t matter at all. In the debate with Palin he made some ridiculous statements about “when we kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon.” Had Palin said that, the election would have been over at that moment. Even accepting the “official” explanation that he meant to say Syria, it still made no sense at all. Recently, he claimed that Franklin Roosevelt went on TV after the 1929 Crash to talk to America. This was odd, since Roosevelt was not yet president and TV had not been invented. Right after 9/11, Biden had this brainstorm:

At the Tuesday-morning meeting with committee staffers, Biden launches into a stream-of-consciousness monologue about what his committee should be doing, before he finally admits the obvious: “I’m groping here.” Then he hits on an idea: America needs to show the Arab world that we’re not bent on its destruction. “Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran,” Biden declares. He surveys the table with raised eyebrows, a How do ya like that? look on his face.

He’s there as the foreign policy heavyweight to add “gravitas” to the ticket. We can all feel so much better about an Obama presidency, knowing that Biden will be guiding him in key decisions. Yet the MSM perpetuate the myth of Biden’s foreign policy expertise.

Update: Added the forgotten link above to Biden’s suggestion to send a $200 million jizya to Iran to encourage future bombings.

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