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The T-Word

Posted by Dan Draney on May 4, 2010

That would be the use of “teabagger” in reference to those patriots protesting the hard left turn by the Democrat politicians who have their boot on the throat of the country. In my view anyone using that term is displaying his own bigotry and has forfeited all rights to be listened to at all. I’ve made just one exception to that personal rule. (He knows who he is.) It would be interesting to know what fraction of the cratering of CNN’s ratings in the past year can be traced to Anderson Cooper and company yukking it up on the air about “teabaggers,” in full-blown “Because-We-Know-About-The-Homosexual-Meaning-And-They-Don’t” mode. Openly mocking and insulting your customers: Not A Good Business Model.

Right on the heels of his speech calling for civility by denouncing the partisanship of his opponents, our phony “centrist,” pretend “post partisan,” allegedly “post racial,” President has come out of the teabag closet himself by using the term in an interview. As Allah Pundit points out, it’s got to be good news for the opposition when Joe Biden is the tactful, elder statesman of the left. Just keep it up, fellas. We’ll see how hard you’re laughing in November.

Meanwhile, the main worry of the Obamacrats seems to be their inability to devise enough wildly unpopular legislation to ram through Congress with parliamentary chicanery. The thinking, if you can call it that, seems to be, “We know we’re going to take a bath in the midterm elections anyway, so what have we got to lose?” Gaze into this crystal ball for a glimpse of where that path leads.

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