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Hey, Dems: You Broke It. You Own It.

Posted by Dan Draney on March 21, 2010

Liberals are basking in the glow of their “victory” tonight in destroying the most innovative, most responsive healthcare system in the world. Time will tell, but we may have just witnessed the end of the Democrat Party. It’s now Pottery Barn Time, and the Dems have definitely broken another 1/6th of the economy to add to their previous work destroying the federal budget. With the possible exception of between now and November, I can’t imagine seeing this kind of display of political arrogance again in my lifetime.

At the corners of a square are: a fiscally conservative Democrat; a pro-life Democrat; the Easter Bunny; and a paralyzed veteran. In the middle of the square is a $1 bill. Which of the four will get to the $1 bill first. Answer: the paralyzed veteran, because the other three are figments of the imagination.

Large majorities of Americans strongly oppose runaway government spending, ever more government interference into our livers and government funding of abortion. This bill is hugely unpopular now, and, like the Stimulus, it will get less popular as people learn they have been lied to at every turn. Every Democrat Congressional seat is now in play.

Here’s the closing of an excellent article from Mark Steyn on the Democrats’ Brave New World: Welcome to Deemocracy – Mark Steyn – National Review Online. You should read the whole thing.

Look around you, and take it all in. From now on, it gets worse. If you have kids, they’ll live in smaller homes, drive smaller cars, live smaller lives. If you don’t have kids, you better hope your neighbors do, because someone needs to spawn a working population large enough to pay for the unsustainable entitlements the Obama party has suckered you into thinking you’re entitled to. The unfunded liabilities of current entitlements are $100 trillion. Try typing that onto your pocket calculator. You can’t. There isn’t enough room for all the zeroes, and, even if they made a pocket calculator large enough, and a pocket large enough, you’d be walking with a limp. To these existing entitlements, Obama and his enforcers in Congress propose to add the grandest of all: health care, on a scale no advanced democracy has ever attempted.

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Rearranging the Tables and Chairs at the Pizzeria

Posted by Ryne McClaren on February 27, 2010

Ben Nelson can’t decide whether he’d like to go eat at an Omaha pizzeria… or maybe just stay at home and serve his constituents a hearty platter of derangement: Nelson tries to turn tables on “kickback.”

Trying to make the best of a bad political situation – and to get people to forget the snappy term that helped his detractors publicize it – U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson has come up with his own catch phrase.

The so-called “Cornhusker Kickback,” says the Democrat, should really be called the “Cornhusker Kickoff.”

Excuse me, but I’m gagging right now.

The man is simply stunning in his inability to fathom that his Nebraska constituents are not, in fact, stupid.  Maybe misguided for electing him in the first place, but he gave us a good song and dance and we bought it.  Our bad. (Well, to be honest, someone bought it.  I did not vote for the man in 2006.)

Nelson says that’s because a much-criticized Medicaid concession he won under the previous health care proposal for Nebraska, which was labeled the “Cornhusker Kickback,” has been extended to all states under President Barack Obama’s new proposal.

This act is getting so old.  Harry Reid planted Ben a big, fat turkey in a piece of legislation to buy his vote.  But poor old Ben still goes all doe eyed every time he has to trot out the “I thought everyone was getting it!”  Thereby admitting that he really never read what he was voting on in the first place.

Initially I feared that having the Cornhusker Kickback withdrawn would give Ben some second life, some credibility to the “I thought everyone was getting it” lie.  After all, 2012 is still several political lifetimes away — as Ben is fond of pointing out.

But still he wants to talk about the Cornhusker Kickback?  Wow.  I mean, that’s good, but wow.

If he keeps talking about it, it’s going to feel even better checking the box for his opponent in 2012.  And I wasn’t sure that was going to be possible.

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Ben Nelson: All Smiles

Posted by Ryne McClaren on February 23, 2010

Ben Nelson is delighted Congress went ahead and cashed that check we never sent them: Ben Nelson happy with new Medicaid deal proposal.

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