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Twitter Trolls to Block

Posted by Dan Draney on January 9, 2011

If you follow discussions on Twitter with the “hashtags” used by conservatives (#tcot #twisters #ocra #sgp, etc.), you may be wishing you could block the annoying leftist trolls trying to disrupt things. Here is my compilation of accounts to block. While it’s far from comprehensive, it does dramatically reduce the noise.

@watergatesummer, @jrbaltmd57, @libertybelle4, @johnd1967, @moodyloner, @justabrick, @garylpollard, @hardknoxfirst, @punkyp, @1oldcoot, @alottawa, @tatterd, @larrydhalstead, @zjas5, @ksquared3, @anti_fox_news, @portcitypisces, @maliheh_, @janettthinks, @ellceebee, @harmonywho, @genderconstruct, @celestialbeard, @d_hoppers_ghost, @unorigmoniker, @nojoe101, @sharoney, @spathiphyllum, @brettr4763, @bowedoak, @brx0, @bigmoney4shelly, @theladyharley, @pheco, @jolinastar, @its_our_choice, @_gregwhoward, @redscarebot, @achura, @pittgirly, @louvice, @watergirl95, @sandinbrick, @shannon_ahern, @rocky1542, @mdrfl, @wre1948, @sindad1, @thechickabides, @navdoc3rdmar, @politicalbee, @mother_rell, @socooked, @hardknoxfirst, @mccollin2010, @caregiver55, @ghostdansing, @anarchytweet, @barbiesnow, @antiwacko, @cody_k, @progressiveman7, @whumba, @salleegal, @queerjohnpa, @1kecko, @concrusher, @spreadbutter, @withyobadself, @politicalgates, @turtletears, @crystalwolflady, @otoolefan, @katieannieoakly,  @msveronicajay, @runforfun54, @molinelobo, @justgrateful @libwstcoastprof

If you are using Tweetdeck, simply copy this list. Then open your preferences. Click on “Global Filter,” and paste the list into the “From people:” box. Click “Save Settings,” and tweets from these accounts will never trouble you again in Tweetdeck. The list is in the correct format for Tweetdeck (users separated by commas). Using it in other Twitter apps may require some other format.

If you have suggested changes (additions or deletions) for the troll list, please comment on this post and/or send me a message on twitter: @DanDraney. Of course, if you are on the troll list, I won’t see your tweets.

I will update this list from time to time and keep it on the main page of the blog. So bookmark it for future reference.

UPDATE: 4/24/11 Added the Twitter usernames in red to the list. Update2: The last 3, in bold, were added after the initial update.

UPDATE: 2/28/14 Removed a person who does not seem to be engaged in any trollish behavior.

One Response to “Twitter Trolls to Block”

  1. Dan Draney said

    If you find your name on the “Troll List” and don’t believe you belong there, post a comment w/ a link to your Twitter profile. I’ll review it, and consider a change.

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