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Obama Gives Partisan Speech Denouncing Partisanship

Posted by Dan Draney on May 2, 2010

True, that’s not exactly news. It’s pretty much a standard, liberal trope to call for “civility” as a way of suggesting that your critics are vicious, while ignoring the contributions your own policies, actions, and rhetoric have made to the poisoning of the political atmosphere.  The objective is to cast all criticism of your own actions as outside the bounds of civil discourse. Bill Clinton was the master of this, as we saw again recently. The al-Reuters “News” Agency reports:  Obama defends government power ahead of elections:

Obama, a Democrat, used a commencement address at the University of Michigan to encourage new graduates to engage in civil debate — an issue Obama feels is often missing in Washington — and expose themselves to different political points of view.

Obama lamented the lack of civility in public discourse and encouraged the students to be able to disagree without demonizing their opponents.

“We can’t expect to solve our problems if all we do is tear each other down,” he said to applause.

It sure helps to have most of the media in your pocket when indulging in this sort of thing. Otherwise how could you hope to campaign as a moderate, post-partisan “healer”, then govern from the far left, and jam your whole agenda through on party-line votes on bills no one has read? Still it takes quite a bit of gall when you and your surrogates transparently lie about what is in the billsmock and demonize your political opponents at every turn, grossly misrepresent their positions, question their motives, falsely accuse them of racism, etc., to then complain about a “lack of civility.” Never mind trying to marginalize the one independent television voice before calling for people to “expose themselves to different points of view.”

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