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Posted by Dan Draney on April 14, 2010

It’s a very nice city. I’m here for a conference (SharePoint Summit 2010), but I’ll be heading home tomorrow. It was an excellent meeting in both content and organization, and the food at Le Centre Mont-Royal was the best I can remember at such an event. Restaurants in the area have also been superb.

The people of Montréal that I have encountered are friendly, and nearly everyone speaks English. I try to use my French, but they make it easy not to do so. My last visit here was in the mid 80s, and I remember being struck by how “clean & shiny” (and friendly) Montréal was then. At the time, I lived near New York City, so no doubt that colored my perception of another large city. This time, now that I live in Nebraska again, I didn’t quite get the “clean & shiny” impression, although it still compares favorably on that score with New York and Chicago. I did encounter a couple of panhandlers.

I noticed several times people on the street who seemed to be dressed rather lightly for the cool conditions: bare arms and legs; no jackets; etc. with temperatures around 60F. Tonight there was an older guy (ca. 60) in shorts. I suppose it’s kind of a “this-isn’t-cold-when-you-compare-it-to-the-winter” thing. The effect was rather spoiled by the fact that he was also wearing sandals and black socks. To each his own.


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