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Is a 304-Word Sentence Too Long?

Posted by Dan Draney on April 5, 2010

From President Obama’s remarks at a DNC fundraiser last week, comes this insomnia-curing sentence, as reported by the LATimes. (H/T Power Line)

A lot of people have asked, why is it you seem so calm?

And what I’ve tried to say often — and a lot of times this gets discounted in the press — is that the experience of having traveled throughout this country; having learned the stories of ordinary folks who are doing extraordinary things in their communities, in their neighborhoods; having met all the people who put so much energy and effort into our campaign; having seen the ups and downs and having seen how Washington was always the last to get what was going on, always the last to get the news — what that told me was that if we were willing to not do what was expedient, and not do what was convenient, and not try to govern based on the polls today or tomorrow or the next day, but rather based on a vision for how we can rebuild this country in a way that works for everybody — if we are focused on making sure that there are ladders of opportunity for people to continue to strive and achieve the American Dream and that that’s accessible to all, not just some — if we kept our eye on what sort of future do we want for our kids and our grandkids so that 20 years from now and 30 years from now people look back on this generation the way we look back on the Greatest Generation and say to ourselves, boy, they made some tough decisions, they got through some tough times, but, look, we now have a clean energy economy; look, our schools are revitalized; look, our health care system works for every single American — imagine how tough that was and how much resistance they met from the special interests, but they were still willing to do it — if that was how we governed, then I figure that the politics would take care of itself.

Interestingly, since this was part of his prepared remarks, he must have been using a teleprompter, suggesting this was deliberate, not a Bidenesque drift off into space. The Power Line link also gives Obama’s rambling, 2500-word, 17 min answer to a simple question (Actual Answer Not Included). He sure loves to hear himself talk.


2 Responses to “Is a 304-Word Sentence Too Long?”

  1. Uncle Wiggily said

    “Is a 304-Word Sentence Too Long?”

    In a word – yes!

    Especially when it is from Obama … who seems to be terminally addicted to the sound of his own voice.

    And don’t even get me started on the now famous “17 Minute Answer”.

  2. Dan Draney said

    The 17-min non-answer: Now we see what the Bret Baier interview would have been like without interuptions.

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