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The Coffee Party Con

Posted by Dan Draney on March 16, 2010

Turns out “The Coffee Party” is about as spontaneous as an Iranian “Death to America” Rent-a-Crowd. [via American Thinker: The Coffee Party Con.]

The new and much-publicized Coffee Party movement sports a fairy-tale narrative about a spontaneous uprising of concerned Americans appalled at the Tea Parties and determined to restore civility. The truth, easily researchable on the internet, is that plenty of left-wing establishment fingerprints are all over the birth of this supposedly spur-of-the-moment operation.

Despite a sequence of puff pieces in the MSM about this “grass roots” organization, it’s astroturf all the way:

However, there are some awkward footprints leading up to the purportedly spontaneous birth and the emergence of the “accidental leader,” who turns out to have lots of help. About the time of launching the Coffee Party, Ms. Park attended what was billed as RootsCampDC at the Washington office of a liberal teachers’ union called the National Education Association.

The list of attendees reads like royalty of the progressive movement: people from the White House, Harry Reid’s office, the Democratic National Committee, the Center for American Progress,, the SEIU, MoveOn, La Raza, Organizing for America, the Alliance for Climate Protection, etc., etc. This Astroturf camp for progressives included people from NPR, PBS, and Firedoglake. (Was everyone at CNN and CBS busy?)

Ms. Park was a presenter on the panel, “Coffee Party: 100% Grassroots/Netroots Strategic Response to the ‘TEA.'”

Look out, Ms. Park, your Nutroots are showing.


One Response to “The Coffee Party Con”

  1. Ryne McClaren said

    The entire thing had the odor of pure, green “Organizing for America” astro-turf.

    From the ridiculous and unoriginal name to the general hipster-ish whiteness of the crowd, the “Coffee Party” had dozens and dozens of fingerprints all over it. Heck, they’re running essentially a year BEHIND the Tea Party. If that doesn’t scream Nutroots, I don’t know what does.

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