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All the World Is A Stage

Posted by Ryne McClaren on March 16, 2010

How bad are things going for Nanny State Pelosi and crew?

So bad that even the (formerly!) smoking hot Carla Bruni slapped on a Tragedy Mask.

So bad that even the Massachusetts state treasurer, a guy who’s never seen anything that can’t be taxed or subsidized, thinks that ObamaPelosiCare will bankrupt the entire freaking nation in a few short years.  [ed — But I’d distrust his opinion, since he’s running for MA governor right now.  Obama and Company have essentially bankrupted the nation in just one year, and they haven’t even passed HCR yet.]

This would have all the makings of a great (but comical) farce, if our country wasn’t on the verge of ruin.

And yes, I know, all of today’s bits were ripped straight off of Drudge.  To explore the news any more than that today would probably land me in an insane asylum.  So y’all are on your own.


2 Responses to “All the World Is A Stage”

  1. Dan Draney said

    Pelosi & Slaughter’s new strategy: “Demon Pass”

  2. Ryne McClaren said

    I don’t think anyone — should HCR “pass” — should forget Nancy Pelosi’s part in this charade.

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