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Go-Go Nancy

Posted by Ryne McClaren on March 14, 2010

Nancy Pelosi exists in a world which is impenetrable to the harsh light of reality: For Nancy Pelosi, There Is No Such Thing As Bad News.

To sum up: A procedural barrier was confirmed, an old issue-based conflict proved effectively unsolvable, another issue-based conflict flared up, and the president all but admitted that 1) his timeline was (yet again) unrealistic and 2) the votes to pass the bill don’t yet exist.

Pelosi response? According to The Daily Caller’s Jon Ward, the day was “another step taking us closer to voting.”

We’ve learned a lot of things over the past few weeks, but the biggest might very well be that despite spending just shy of 23 years in the House, she has very little idea of how it actually works.  Procedurally, I mean.  She’s got the greasing of the federal teat and trough queuing down pat, but the nuts and bolts?  Perhaps not so much.

There’s nothing about the last two weeks especially that would make me think otherwise.  Health care “reform” is burning down around the Democrats, but Speaker Nan keeps marching the soldiers onward in a fashion reminiscent of lemmings, and with the cliff metaphorically represented by the mid-term elections of November 2010.

We all know that this is a woman who thinks that contraceptives alone can lower state “costs,” and that bills must be passed before we can know what’s in them.  Those of us with any eyesight whatsoever also know that one thing Nancy Pelosi has never said no to is Botox and extensive plastic surgery. We’ve even let this clownish woman burn our tax dollars on booze.

But even our most sleazy and despicable politicians usually have to be given credit for possessing a keen intellect (no matter how misguided), or their charisma and star power.  Pelosi possesses neither of those traits, and is largely just a beneficiary of a constituency that has played a large hand in essentially destroying what was once America’s most industrious state.

Nancy Pelosi serves America about like a call girl serves her best john.

When I’m teaching my future children exactly what’s wrong with American government (I’m figuring at least thirty years worth of lesson plans will be needed), it’s the kinky bureaucrats like Pelosi that I’ll point to.

There are politicians with whom one can politely disagree.  There are politicians which you would readily vote against even if they were running for county coroner.  Then there are those like Pelosi, who deserve every bit of mockery and scorn you can humanly pile atop them in a given day.

3 Responses to “Go-Go Nancy”

  1. Dan Draney said

    A bill has to be passed before we know what’s in it, but it doesn’t have to be passed to be amended. 🙂

  2. Uncle Wiggily said


    Nice takedown of Nip/Tuck Nancy; sadly, the folks who really need to read it will never see it because they all exist in their Progressive little worlds that are completely insulated from both reality and common decency.

    I agree that Pelosi is a couple of condiments short of being a full snack tray, but never forget that she is utterly amoral and ruthless, as well as holding a position of no little power. I have said elsewhere but I will repeat here – if Nancy schedules a vote, it’s all over … that means she has the votes. Nancy never, ever plays unless she has stacked the deck … and that will be a black day for America.

    You guys are doing great … keep on keeping on.

  3. Ryne McClaren said

    Thanks, Uncle!

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