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Starring Eric Massa as Janet Leigh

Posted by Ryne McClaren on March 10, 2010

If we didn’t have Rahm Emmanuel, we’d have to invent him: Nude Rahm Emmanuel told Massa he “better vote with the President.”

Massa is nothing short of a creep and a nutball, but this is the sort of hard charging, Alpha Male B.S. that Emmanuel could conceivably pull.


One Response to “Starring Eric Massa as Janet Leigh”

  1. Dan Draney said

    It’s hard to know how much credence to give Massa’s claims about being forced out to enable ObamaCare to pass with just 216. It’s certainly plausible, as Obama has used sex scandals to take out opponents at least twice before. It’s pretty likely that the nude Emmanuel shouting and poking in the shower is true, though.

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