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Practicing Gun Safety

Posted by Ryne McClaren on February 27, 2010

Jay Tea points out that the Brady Campaign rates California as the “best” state for gun safety, according to its most recent report card.

I’m sure that it comes as no surprise to DLMSY’s philosophically aligned readers that California scored the “best,” but is also a national leader in gun violence by state.

I saw some of this illogical hogwash in the local Nebraska papers, but couldn’t be bothered to read it.  I see from Tea’s links that Nebraska gathered a score of 8 on the “report card” and earned zero stars.  Wyoming gathered up a whopping 10 Brady Points, but my home state of South Dakota did splendidly at 4 points.  Our Democratic friends to the east of us, in Iowa, swept up 14 points.

Here’s to hoping that next year we Cornhuskers can do better.

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