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Return of Warren Buttler

Posted by Dan Draney on July 12, 2006

Last month I posted about my long-lost friend, Warren Buttler, and his two music CDs. Unfortunately, the email and web addresses on the CDs were no longer workable. However, through the magic of Google, Warren found my post and contacted me. Since then we’ve caught up on each other’s lives since 1974.

Warren had largely put aside his music again after the frenzy of writing and producing two CDs in just a few years. Now he’s picking up his guitar again: Guitar Stories: Returning from the Lost. I won’t claim all the credit for Warren’s re-emergence, but I did suggest a blog on Blogger to replace his defunct web site. I’m urging him to include some vocals on the next CD.

Here’s an old photo of Warren I took in 1972, as he was taking a break from our move.

Warren Frees guitar

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