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Gunscribe Makes Lincoln Journal Star

Posted by Dan Draney on June 29, 2006

Fellow Lincolnite, Gunscribe, made his point in dramatic fashion this week. As reported in the Lincoln Journal Star:

Tim Tyrrell Sr. went to the City Council meeting on Monday with a loaded 40-caliber Glock handgun on his hip. And that’s perfectly legal. Until now, council members haven’t been concerned enough about their safety to ban anything other than cell phones from the council chambers.Even though plenty of angry citizens march down to city hall on a regular basis, there are no metal detectors at the door; no signs asking people to leave their guns at home.

Tyrrell was trying to make a point about the concealed weapons ban on the council agenda: Even if Mayor Coleen Seng’s proposed ban were to pass, nothing would prevent people from carrying around unconcealed weapons. (He did not testify at the meeting; the council won’t have a public hearing on Seng’s proposal until July 31.)

The author of the article, which doesn’t use the word “wazoo,” is Deena Winter. She also mentions Gunscribe’s blog, From the Heartland, by name, although she doesn’t give the URL. The page with the article also has a picture of Deena, but not her wazoo.

Gunscribe also notified Lincoln Police Chief Tom Cassidy in advance that he would be bringing his gun to the City Council meeting, just so there would be no panic. It’s a good, balanced article.


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