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Warren Buttler

Posted by Dan Draney on June 11, 2006

Warren Buttler - Cultivation of Grace

Lately, I have been listening to Warren Buttler’s CD Cultivation of Grace. It’s a beautiful collection of instrumental pieces, mainly guitar, mostly his own compositions. He has a very inventive style, and he plays all the notes in all the songs.

Warren is an old friend and college roommate, although I haven’t seen him or communicated with him in 30 years. He’s one of the small group of friends who gave me the nickname, “Abe,” which has followed me through the years. He was a good friend, and I regret losing track of him. If you see this, Warren, drop me a line.

Even as a college freshman Warren was an excellent guitar player. We and another roomie (Barry) were aspiring pop stars, although Warren was the only one with actual talent. Barry was an obnoxious New Yorker (not necessarily redundant) who was always describing someone or another (frequently me) as a “yenta,” and complaining about all things Nebraskan. (“This coffee is pisswatta.”) I suggested that if Barry ever got a band, it would be called Monumental Yenta and the Pisswater Band. The next summer Warren actually used that name for his band back home in New Jersey.

I hit upon Warren’s music last month via a nostalgic Google search on his name. The Amazon page has a short bio of Warren by Warren, which will give you an interesting picture of his life since we left college.

I bought this album and his earlier one, The Properties of Mercy, from Amazon. They are also available for download through the iTunes Music Store at a lower cost. I strongly recommend both of them. He has also written two books on handguns, for those who might be interested.

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