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Now I’ve Got to Vote for Him

Posted by Dan Draney on March 14, 2006

We’ve always been the kind of person who hates to throw his vote away on a Demopublican candidate. Fortunately, SobekPundit has now expanded his candidacy to the Libertarian Party:

But it is my official view that the kind of binary thinking that leads today’s politicians to say things like “both sides of the aisle” is exactly what’s wrong with America. So today, I offer you, the reader, my official bid to break down the two-party system, as I announce my candidacy as a Libertarian, and as Your Next President(TM)!

Best of all, he’s promising to do as little as possible, if elected. What more could we ask? Those things he will do largely involve throwing sand into the gears of government. So line up, sign up and re-enlist today.


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