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First Blogiversary This Week

Posted by Dan Draney on February 20, 2006

It was Feb. 22, 2005, when we made our first “permanent” post here at DLMSY, so our one-year blogiversary is coming up on Wednesday. On the off chance that some of you haven’t yet read the entire blog, here’s our favorite post from week 1. It’s about the widespread, yet somewhat silly, tendency to use “strongman” as a euphemism for “dictator” or “autocrat,” in this case referring to Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.

Don’t Let Me Stop You: Strongmen and Strong Language: We can imagine Hosni there in the gym, dripping with sweat, working on his benchpress or clean and jerk. Or perhaps he prefers the Bowflex or one of those other, latenight abs-of-steel panaceas. What is the secret of his muscle mass development? Could he be training with Jose and Barry’s pharmacists? No doubt we’ll soon be seeing references to “California Strongman, Arnold Schwartznegger,” or “Jesse Ventura, Minneapolis Strongman,” in a publication near you.

There are several paragraphs more of this post, for those who want more of this timeless prose.

Our first two posts were about the UN, and the week 1 archive page also includes a rare Tycho post (on Kelo before the decision).


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