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Stranger than Fiction: $10k Hot Dog

Posted by Dan Draney on January 29, 2006

The term “fan” is derived from “fanatic.” Here in Huskerland, we’ve seen quite a few sports fanatics. Nothing, however, prepared us for this auction on eBay for a hot dog from last week’s NFL playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers (H/T Dan S). Currently there have been 140 bids, and the high bidder is at $10,169. There are numerous pictures on the auction listing page.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about the hot dog. No one sees the face of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or Vince Lombardi in it. Unless you’re a die hard Seattle fan, it wasn’t even a good game: Seattle 27 Carolina 7. We have a hard time understanding a bid of $10 for such a prize, let alone $10k. Oh well, if he can sell it for that, more power to him.

The link to eBay will break in 5 days when the auction ends, but you’ll be able to search for it for awhile in the “completed items” listings.


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