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Another Argument for Term Limits

Posted by Dan Draney on January 17, 2006

State Senator Marian Price is one of the members of the Unicameral that filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the term limits amendment to the state constitution. As the Journal Star reports, Price is making the most of her remaining time in the legislature, pushing for critical legislation during this abbreviated session:

Marian Price remembers taking her children and grandchildren to the circus and letting them ride the elephants. She never thought twice about it. But when the self-professed animal lover was shown videotapes that she said contained evidence of elephants being mistreated, she was horrified.

That’s what motivated Price, a state senator from Lincoln, to introduce a bill Tuesday that would prohibit the use of bullhooks, electrical prods, ax handles and other devices on elephants in Nebraska. The proposed penalty under the bill (LB1000), which would not ban the use of elephants in circuses or zoos, would be up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

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