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Attention PTG!

Posted by Dan Draney on December 24, 2005

Our friend, PTG, at Plains Feeder will certainly want to check out the recent advances in feedlot odor control reported at

Thyme, oregano being used to battle feedlot odors. Oregano and thyme are part of the recipe Vince Varel, Elaine Berry and Jim Wells are using to try to defeat feedlots odors rank enough to wrinkle the stoutest of Nebraska noses. “These spices have been on kitchen cabinet shelves for ever and ever,” Varel said, “and they have been shown to be effective as anti-microbial chemicals. It just depends on the dose.”

We’ve heard it called “The Smell of Money,” but when it’s not your money, the smell of a feedlot is something else. Therefore we can’t help but applaud these attempts to spice up the diets of the animals. It’s high thyme.


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