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Nothing to Fear But…

Posted by Dan Draney on December 12, 2005

victory? Could that be the real cause of the pervasive panic in the opponents of the Iraq war? Norman Podhoretz argues they’re not afraid of defeat as much as afraid that victory will vindicate President Bush’s worldview and refute their own.

In Iraq today, however, and in the Middle East as a whole, a successful outcome is staring us in the face. Clearly, then, the panic over Iraq–which expresses itself in increasingly frenzied calls for the withdrawal of our forces–cannot have been caused by the prospect of defeat. On the contrary, my twofold guess is that the real fear behind it is not that we are losing but that we are winning, and that what has catalyzed this fear into a genuine panic is the realization that the chances of pulling off the proverbial feat of snatching an American defeat from the jaws of victory are rapidly running out.

There’s much more, so go read it.


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