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Rosa Parks

Posted by Dan Draney on October 26, 2005

America lost a special lady with the passing of Rosa Parks. Since sparking the bus strike over segregation 50 years ago, she has downplayed her own importance. Here a are couple of interesting questions and answers from a 1995 interview:

Rosa Parks – Christianity Today Magazine: “You were beaten and robbed last August by an African-American youth.

Yes. One evening I heard a loud noise in my home and went downstairs to see what it was. I was startled to see a young man standing in my living room. He asked me for money. I tried to give him the money in my pocket, but he asked for more. He started to push me and hit me in the face. I grabbed his shirt and tried to fight back. I had never been hit like that in my life. I screamed, but no one was around to hear me. I gave him the $103 that I had, and he left. It could have been much worse, but God protected me.

Many find it ironic that a young man would beat a person who once fought for his freedom. What kind of social conditions would push someone to attack and rob an elderly woman?

I wouldn’t say these young people are being pushed. Many people these days go astray by using drugs and attack people in order to get money. They are making those choices.

I regret that some people, regardless of race, are in such a state of mind that they would harm an older person. Too many of today’s youth don’t know who they are or where they have been. And therefore, they don’t know where they’re going.

I live in hope that things will be better. If we get to children at an early age and see that they get the proper guidance, then they will not fall into that behavior that is harmful to themselves and others.”

We admire Mrs. Parks’ answer to the second question.


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