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Notre Dame

Posted by Dan Draney on October 11, 2005

A friend at work told me about this story. As a Husker fan, I’ve enjoyed rooting against Notre Dame for years. That became a little harder after the home and home series between the teams a few years ago. Now this will make it almost impossible to continue on the former path:

Irish coach Weis grants little boy’s dying wish: “SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Charlie Weis doesn’t usually let anyone else call plays on offense. He made an exception for 10-year-old Montana Mazurkiewicz. The Notre Dame coach met last week with Montana, who had been told by doctors weeks earlier that there was nothing more they could do to stop the spread of his inoperable brain tumor. ‘He was a big Notre Dame fan in general, but football especially,’ said his mother, Cathy Mazurkiewicz.”

You do need to read the whole story to get the point, but if you love to hate Notre Dame, you’d better skip it.

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