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Google to Taiwan: Drop Dead

Posted by Dan Draney on October 9, 2005

Google’s motto is supposed to be “Do no evil,” but the Wall Street Journal notes it’s more like “See No Evil” when dealing with despotic regimes (subscription required):

“Pity poor Taiwan — which has just been involuntarily reunified with China by the source of information almost everyone now turns to on the Internet. The island’s government, and a handful of its most ardent pro-independence legislators, are up in arms that Google has decided to designate Taiwan as a ‘province of China’ in its map section.

Google says it’s just following the lead of the United Nations, which is famous for its contempt for the island and has just dismissed Taiwan’s latest application for membership after a discussion lasting 24 minutes.”

Don’t want to tick off the Communist mainland when there’s business to be done there.

Google, here’s a clue: If your aim is to “do no evil,” don’t follow the lead of the UN.

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