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Krugman Goes for the Record

Posted by Dan Draney on October 2, 2005

We don’t know if they give a Pulitzer for the most corrections in a single, opinion column, but if so, Paul Krugman* must certainly be leading the pack. It just shows that for the New York Times, where arrogance and politically-driven coverage meet, the sky is truly the limit.

And what more can you say about Krugman? The man isn’t satisfied to rest on his laurels with a hat-trick of corrections. He’s pushing the envelope into the fourth dimension. As Editor & Publisher reports:

‘NY Times’ Finally Runs Full Correction on Krugman Column: “NEW YORK
Just days after it ran an editors’ note–under pressure from outside and within–that sort of admitted it had erred in a blast at Fox News’ Gerald Rivera during the Katrina tragedy, The New York Times finally ran a full correction on Sunday, on its editorial page, for a miscue by columnist Paul Krugman, while announcing a new policy on noting errors on that page.

Krugman had three times previously admitted getting wrong part of his Aug. 19 column about media recounts of the 2000 Bush-Gore race, but critics kept claiming that he still hadn’t gotten it quite right. Editorial Page Editor Gail Collins wrote on Sunday that it had turned into a ‘correction run amok.'”

* Former Enron advisor.


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