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The Frog of Lisbon

Posted by Dan Draney on September 16, 2005

I took this picture last week in Lisbon and emailed it home to Mrs. Abe that night. “The Frog” is a bar/cafe along the river in the Expo 98 area. They had a number of signs, but this is my hands down favorite.

The British call the French “Frogs,” perhaps due to the tendency of the French to eat frog legs. The French call the British “Les Roast Beef,” apparently the quintessential British food from a French perspective.

The froggie in question has a distinctly British look about him: bowler hat; beer mug; necktie; cigarette; and roast beef plate. Also the French phrase at the bottom is a twist on “Honi soit qui mal y pense,” (“Shame on those who think ill of it”) the motto of the British Order of the Garter. The modified version in the sign means, “Shame on those who drink little of it.”


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