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Interview with Coach Speak

Posted by Dan Draney on September 16, 2005

AoL: Good evening, Coach Speak, and welcome to DLMSY.
CS: Thanks. It’s great to be here.

AoL: As we all know, your predecessor was fired, and lacklust offensive performance is thought to be a key reason for his demise. Tell us about the new system you have implemented.
CS: It’s called the “Wet Coat Offense.”

AoL: Why is that?
CS: It’s because of the special practice jerseys we issue to honor the first team offense: raincoats.

AoL: I see. Formerly opponents would stack their defenses against the run, daring the quarterback to pass. How does the Wet Coat change this equation?
CS: In the Wet Coat we strive to achieve a balance between pass and run. No more games with 400 yds rushing and a measly 80 passing yds.

AoL: So you want to be able to run and pass with equal effectiveness. How is the team progressing with the new system?
CS: We’re quite happy with what we’ve been able to get done and the direction we’re at. Last week going into our last possession of the first half we had perfect balance: 25 yds rushing and 25 yds passing. When you can get that kind of balance, it just makes the Wet Coat so much harder to defend.

AoL: I can imagine. So what do you see as the offensive keys for this week’s game?
CS: We’ve been working hard on our 2nd down plays. That’s really the key down for the Wet Coat.

AoL: Interesting. Lots of other coaches focus on 1st down yardage or 3rd down conversion percentages. Why 2nd down for the Wet Coat?
CS: We really need to get 10-15 yds on second down to be successful. We’re usually operating in a 2nd and 10 or 2nd and 11 situation. If we only get 8 or 9 yds on second down, it makes it hard to pick up that 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2. So we really need to get big plays from our 2nd down offense.

AoL: I see. Well, we’re all out of time for today, but thanks for joining us here at DLMSY, Coach.
CS: My pleasure.


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