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Unnoticed Triumph in GWoT

Posted by Dan Draney on August 30, 2005

SobekPundit notes a positive development in the GWoT in Mauritania.

Another Unnoticed Triumph: “I wrote a couple of posts on the recent peaceful coup in Mauritania, which even the Bush administration now apparently tentatively supports. I was stunned how little reaction to the story I saw in the blogosphere. When we think War on Terror, we generally think of Iraq, Afghanistan, and their immediate neighbors (e.g. Syria and Iran). But as Richard Miniter convincingly argued in his book Shadow War, North Africa has a tremendously important role to play in how that war turns out, at the very least because the sub-Saharan region is a great place for Islamic militants to hide out.”

We also read Shadow War (after waiting for several months for the library copies to arrive). It’s chock full of interesting little nuggets of information about the unseen parts of the War on Terror. Well worth a visit to the library.

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