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Special Day

Posted by Dan Draney on August 16, 2005

Actually there are at least two reasons today is special. It is the 60th anniversary of the surrender of Japan, ending World War II. It is also our 53rd birthday. Oddly enough there has not been much play about VJ Day, at least not compared to the hoopla surrounding the Hirsohima and Nagasaki anniversaries. The Washington Post has this offering, and the NY Times has a similar one, both emphasizing the Japanese Prime Minister’s actions and statements today. The Asian press has coverage of that as well.

We can understand the US media downplaying our birthday, but one would think VJ Day would be worth remarking upon. It was certainly a very big deal at the time. Have there been no commemorations of the date here in the US at all?

On the birthday front, our mom joined us and the rest of the family for dinner tonight (ribs). We returned yesterday from our Boston / Maine trip just in time.

Update: VJ Day is officially Sept 2, when the Japanese formally surrendered on the battleship Missouri. On Aug 15 Emperor Hirohito capitulated to the allies, effectively ending the war.


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