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JFK the Neocon

Posted by Dan Draney on August 4, 2005

Pedro at The Quietist picks up on an article in the LATimes by David Gelernter that describes JFK as “the first neoconservative president.” It’s a very interesting view, which Pedro elaborates nicely:

“Thus, Gelernter sneakily points out what is embarrassingly obvious but universally, you know, sort of ignored — that is, JFK, with his tax cuts, his Peace Corps, his anticommunism, and his belief in the humanitarian uses of American power (as well as the post-WWII moral responsibility of a great power to not turn a blind eye to oppression and atrocity in the world) would today be scorned as a ‘neocon.’ […]” [emphasis in original]

We were never a great fan of JFK, but we may be forced to reconsider that view.


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