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Boortz, Kelo and the Dogs that Aren’t Barking

Posted by Dan Draney on June 28, 2005

There’s been a lot of fallout around the nation from the anti-American decision spewed out by the US Supreme Court in the Kelo v. New London case. People all over the country are outraged by a decision so… well, outrageous. The court has now said the government can take anyone’s house away and give it to someone else, provided politicians think this will raise more tax money.

All around the country people are angry, and politicians are reacting. Well, almost everywhere, as Neal Boortz points out:

“State and local officials? They recognize the public outrage over this decision. They see the outrage, and they’re reacting. But what about Washington? Where’s the outrage from inside the Beltway? Well … it just doesn’t seem to be there. I can’t read every word in every newspaper, nor can I check every congressman and senator’s website to look for press releases … but what searching I did do turned up absolutely no congressional outrage over this hideous, anti-American Supreme Court decision.

So .. why are local government officials reacting, and we’re hearing next-to-nothing from the Washington crowd� One reason .. and one reason only. The state and local politicians feel you, the voters, breathing down their neck. The feel the anger, and they know that their political survival may well depend on what they do at the state and local level to reinstate the private property rights that have been decimated by the Supreme Court. Not so in Washington. Every one of those 435 members of the House of Representatives knows that year after year the voters return 95% of them to the perks and power of Washington. They want to ignore this Supreme Court decision. They want to ignore it because they like it, as do their local counterparts. But unlike their local counterparts, DC politicians feel that there will be no price to pay for their silence. They have the voters under control … or so they think.

Let’s think for a moment about why politicians like this Supreme Court ruling so much. It won’t take long for you to figure it out. They like it because it weakens the individual and empowers government. Simple as that.”

Neal, like us, is still seething about this, days later. Read the rest.

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