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Frédérick Bourdin, The Chameleon II

Posted by Dan Draney on June 16, 2005

The 31-yr old French guy who impersonates children even has a blog, where he can tell us of his exploits. It’s entitled, “Frédérick Bourdin: The Chameleon, the lives of Frédérick Bourdin.” As catchy titles go, it isn’t.

It’s in French, of course. Here’s a link for a Google translation, but it doesn’t work very well. For one thing he doesn’t leave spaces after lots of punctuations so the computer translation gets confused as to where words end.

Why this? Why now?

“Ce blog est destiné à faire connaitre Frédéric Bourdin,acteur de la vie et apotre d’une nouvelle philosophie de l’identité humaine.”

Our translation: “The purpose of this blog is to let you get to know Frédéric Bourdin, actor of life, and apostle of a new philosophy of human identity.”

Yeah, right. He’s just misunderstood.

Tessa’s Tete-a-Tete blog has a picture of Bourdin, which will really make you wonder how he could fool people for months into thinking he was 15.

Our previous post on Bourdin.


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