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Free the Judicial Hostages

Posted by Dan Draney on May 15, 2005

The first step on the road back to a responsible judiciary is to confirm appellate judges who will uphold the rule of law. These judges will do that, which is exactly why Tom Daschle and his successors are so afraid of holding a vote on them.

Time for the Republican Senators to start acting like a majority party and govern. Here are the appellate nominees who have been denied a vote and the number of days for each since his/her initial nomination.

Nominee Nominated Renominated Days in Limbo
Susan Bieke Neilson 11/8/01 2/14/05 1283
Judge Terrence William Boyle 5/9/01 2/14/05 1466
Richard Allen Griffin 6/26/02 2/14/05 1053
Thomas B. Griffith 5/10/04 2/14/05 369
William Haynes 9/29/03 2/14/05 593
Brett Kavanaugh 7/25/03 2/14/05 659
David W. McKeague 11/08/01 2/14/05 1283
William G. Myers III 5/15/03 730
Justice Priscilla Owen 5/9/01 1/7/03, 2/14/05 1466
William H. Pryor, Jr. 4/09/03 2/14/05 766
Janice Rogers Brown 7/25/03 2/14/05 659
Henry Saad 11/8/01 2/14/05 1283

Original nomination dates from Independent Judiciary: The Nominees, except where linked elsewhere.
Days since nomination were calculated as of 5/15/05 with Microsoft Excel’s “yearfrac” function and multiplied by 365.


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