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Lincoln City Council Election Results – Epilogue

Posted by Dan Draney on May 8, 2005

Here are a few final thoughts on last week’s election for the Lincoln City Council.

To the winners, Ken Svoboda, Robin Eschliman, and Dan Marvin, we offer our congratulations. Best wishes for a term of good government on the Council. We do want you to work together with the rest of the Council in making the needed “tough choices” to get the budget under control.

To Mark Koller: we offer our condolences for a well-fought campaign that fell just a little bit short. We think you would almost certainly have made the “top 3” except for the oddities caused by the 4 vs. 2 party split in the candidates. We hope you will consider another try for office in the future.

For Shawn Traudt: we note that making the second round as a newcomer is a significant accomplishment, and it is something to build on. If you do run again for public office, we suggest answering any and all questions about your past legal troubles with something like, “That was all thoroughly discussed in 2005. What I really want to talk about is…” We appreciate your efforts in overcoming your youthful mistake and your forthright willness to discuss it. However, excessive focus on that issue distracted voters from your main message.

For Terry Werner: we hope you will not let the door hit you on the way out.


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