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Yippee! Our PageRank Is Not Zero!

Posted by Dan Draney on April 23, 2005

Sometime since we toddled off to bed last night Google updated the PageRank for DLMSY from 0/10 to 4/10. Suddenly, we’ve left the darkness of irrelevancy and plunged headlong into the glorious glow of Googly Goodness.

Four inbound links are displayed, so special thanks to Grizzly Mama and Moonbattery for putting us on the map. The other two are from a Blogrolling page listing links to Instapundit and a “Missing Link” from a site we’ve never heard of that seems to have nothing in common with DLMSY beyond a reference to Catch-22.

We are also pleased to announce new, non-zero PageRank values for:
Moonbattery at 5/10
Sysyphean Musings at 5/10
A Republic, Madam, if You Can Keep It at 4/10
and Plains Feeder at 3/10

Ryne McClaren
and Grizzly Mama held steady at 5/10 and 4/10, respectively. I’m not sure if all these changes went up since yesterday, but I’m pretty sure that the ARMIYCKI and Plains Feeder Page Ranks are new.

Congrats to all.


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