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TFS Magnum: How much does the MSM just make up?

Posted by Dan Draney on April 19, 2005

We can’t find a link to it, but last week Laura Ingraham reported on her radio show that the AP published an account of John Bolton’s “grilling” by Democrats on the committee. Nothing unusual there, except that the story went up at the same time as the hearings began. In other words, the AP “news service” was getting into some fortune-telling on the side.

Evidently, this is not at all uncommon, as Zendo Deb cites two more recent incidents:

TFS Magnum: How much does the MSM just make up?: “The first story comes to us via Posse Incitatius, and actually happened April 3, or so, when we were all busy with other media stories. Mitch Albom wrote a column for the Detroit Free Press. Nothing surprising here, but he wrote the column on Friday describing things that happened on Saturday for the Sunday paper. Except they didn’t happen. Albom wrote about a meeting of 2 ex-college basketball stars, and although he did talk to them to get quotes, he describes a meeting – in much detail – that never took place. They intended to meet, but were in the end unable to do so. The piece reported in the Detroit Free Press was fiction.

Via Emperor Darth Misha we find the story of a Boston Globe ‘reporter’ also writing fiction. In this case we are treated to a description of the yearly baby harp seal hunt in Canada this past Tuesday. The only problem is the hunt did not start on Tuesday, it started on Friday – delayed due to weather. Furthermore, Barbara Stewart, the ‘reporter’ (aspiring novelist, no doubt), gave first-hand details of an event that didn’t take place in Nova Scotia, when she herself was anywhere but the frigid north.”

Of course it’s faster and less costly to “get the scoop” when you are scooping manure.


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