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Who’s Reality-Based?

Posted by Dan Draney on April 8, 2005

Despite missing the boat completely on the Iraqi election, the MSM continue to make the same mistakes in covering events in the war on the ground. Hindrocket compares blog accounts and analyses of the recent “insurgent” attacks on Abu Ghraib to a report in The Christian Science Monitor on the same incident.

While getting your butts handed to you by the American military in a fruitless assault on a fortified complex is an obvious act of desperation for a guerilla campaign, The Monitor sees it differently. To The Monitor it is evidence of an increasingly bold and sophisticated “insurgency” that can keep this up for years. Yet this operation was obviously a disaster for the terrorists, and their only hope was to turn it into some kind of PR victory. The Monitor has long been lauded for its objectivity in reporting. Perhaps they are “based” in a different “reality.”

As Zarqawi himself predicted last year, the momentum of Iraqi democracy is squeezing the air out of the terrorists. They never had a shot at a military victory, but they could hope to win the propaganda war (with the help of the Western media). Now even that hope is fading rapidly.


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