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Blogging and the FEC

Posted by Dan Draney on March 30, 2005

This Cox and Forkum cartoon, Here’s Looking At You,05.03.24.HeresLooking-X
shows their views on the threatened regulation of “blog-speech” by the Federal Election Commision. They also have a good blog post on the issue at the same link.

Thank goodness we have McCain and Feingold to protect our elections from the evils of … er, uh, expressions of opinions by individual voters. Well, anyway it stopped the big money interests from buying political influence… except for and the other “527s.” Well, at least it was a cleaner campaign and cost less… Ummm. Nevermind.

We also enjoy the fact that the pajama-clad blogger is evidently lefthanded and using an “eye-Mac.” But seriously, folks, bloggers from all four corners of the political spectrum should be able to agree that government regulation of internet, political speech is simply unacceptable. We are today’s versions of the “pamphleteers” of the 18th century, the very core of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.


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