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Swedish Muslims Call For Terror Attacks Against Sweden

Posted by Dan Draney on March 29, 2005

Fjordman of Norway gives us a glimpse into the culture war raging just below the surface in Sweden. Despite Sweden’s grovelling embrace of dhimmitude, it is not enough for those “radical minority” jihadists. In a thread on a Swedish-Muslim board, several posters call for terrorism against Sweden for “supporting” the “war against Islam.” This post from a jihadi (living in Sweden) particularly caught my eye:

Why should you not be allowed to call Sweden Darul Harb (the House of War)? Ulama have stated many times that every state that does not judge according to sharia, and does not have a pact with the Muslims or are paying the Jiziya is a part of Dar ul-Harb, which is allowed to attack and their wealth permitted for all Muslims. Why not follow the example of what our Mujahid brother in Holland did with that pig Theo van Gogh? That brother’s action really made a difference in the world, and because of it the Muslims now enjoy some respect and eminence among the kuffar.

What can you say about someone who thinks the brutal, senseless murder that disgraced Muslims everywhere resulted in “some respect and eminence?”

Meanwhile, Swedes remain unwilling or unable to standup for their own culture for fear of being “intolerant.” What will happen when they finally wake from their slumber and see the reality of their situation?


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