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Blog Housekeeping & a Question

Posted by Dan Draney on March 17, 2005

We switched the comments mode to popup window, as it seems to required less thrashing about than the original mode.

We also have a new picture that shows more of the inner workings of our mind.
Head Shot

The question:
We see many people on Blogger use HaloScan for their comments. Is it better, and, if so, why? (OK, two questions)

HaloScan does enable trackback, which is A Good Thing. Anything else? (Three last questions.)


2 Responses to “Blog Housekeeping & a Question”

  1. ptg said

    Besides the trackback feature, HaloScan lets you put an image at the top of the comment pop-up, a place for commentors to paste a link, a nifty interface to manage comments, AND, best of all, I have no idea where the comments are stored. If they are lost or corrupted, they’re gone!

  2. Abe said

    I’m a bit off-put by the way HaloScan truncates long comments without warning. I had seen it on other people’s posts elsewhere, before it happened to me the other day. How does the comment managment stuff work? Or should I just try it out on my practice blog rather than asking all these questions? 🙂

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