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Will Lefties Target Lieberman in 2006?

Posted by Dan Draney on March 13, 2005

Jim Geraghty of National Review Online asks the question:

This is more Beltway Buzz’s turf, but I notice that liberal bloggers are talking excitedly about a potential primary challenge to Senator Joe Lieberman.

The theory is that Connecticut, a fairly liberal northeastern state, is prime territory for a further-left candidate to get a boost from the Internet-based fundraising from the grassroots. And the Dean-Kos-Boxer axis of the party would love to punish their least favorite Democrat.

Driving Lieberman from office – yeah, that’s just what the Democratic party needs.”

We hope not for several reasons. Lieberman is a decent, liberal senator, who has been a loyal member of the party. Of the presidential candidates the Democrats managed to dredge up last year, he was by far the best in our opinion.

If the Democrats follow the impulses of their Moonbat Faction and lurch even farther to the left, it’s good news for the Republicans, at least in the short term. If all the rhetoric about GWB turning the country into a one-party state does come true, it will be due to moves like this.

It’s not good news for the Republic, however, to have one of the two major parties go off the deep end. The country needs a healthy, sensible, loyal opposition, not a slash-and-burn, obstructionist, dog-in-the-manger party.


2 Responses to “Will Lefties Target Lieberman in 2006?”

  1. MonicaR said

    Agreed.I like Lieberman. It’s a shame what the leftists are doing to the Democrat party.

  2. Abe said

    I was in CT when he was first elected to the senate. He was a major improvement over his predecessor, Lowell Weicker. Weicker was a RINO who seemed to vote against the Republicans just for the heck of it. Pretty absurd that the VP nominee from 2000 and a presidential candidate from 2004 could be targetted in a primary by the LLL.

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