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Site Makeover

Posted by Dan Draney on March 13, 2005

Observant previous readers will note the new look of the blog. We became frustrated with the relatively narrow column for the posts, particularly when using pictures. The old template (Rounders) made it very difficult to change this. We also like the lighter background of the new look.

The new width is just under 800 pixels, which could be a problem for those with 800×600 monitors. If so, leave a comment, and we’ll try to improve things.


3 Responses to “Site Makeover”

  1. MonicaR said

    I have to tell ya – when I first came here today I was shocked – shocked I tell ya! It’s so light and airy in here now….

  2. Abe said

    Ha Ha. :-DYou thought you had taken a wrong turn at Chicago or something, eh?I definitely like this look a lot better. Blue is my favorite color, but it was just too dark. Is the extra wide mode any problem for you? I see from my log that your screen resolution is 800×600

  3. MonicaR said

    It’s not a problem at all. Everything fits. It’s just taking a bit of getting used to. Don’t worry about me – I’ll adjust! :-)BTW – I finally added an LGF link. I really love that place, man…*sniffle*

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