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Terrorist Confessions on Iraqi TV

Posted by Dan Draney on March 11, 2005

The Times of London has an article about the al-Iraqiya TV show featuring confessions of captured terrorists: Terror confessions on TV grip Baghdad

We prefer the treatment of the same subject from Omar and Mohammed at IRAQ THE MODEL from last Sunday. This was their second post on the subject, and the ITM article includes much more information about the program contents, including pictures. You can read the comments for a discussion of the appropriateness of the practice of putting these killers on TV.


2 Responses to “Terrorist Confessions on Iraqi TV”

  1. MonicaR said

    Hey Abe – I haven’t been able to access comments on for several days unless it’s haloscan comments and YES I DO have a link to the online petition to get the UN out of the US. Here it is….PetitionHope that link works as it’s the first time I’ve tried that without my notes handy.If it doesn’t I’ll go get my notes and provide a better link.

  2. MonicaR said

    It works – woooohooooo.

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