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When good news strikes

Posted by Dan Draney on March 8, 2005

How about some sympathy for the President’s opponents? Every day seems to bring some “disasterous” new positive events from the Middle East. Rich Lowry describes their dilemma in When good news strikes:

“If the world that Democrats have been living in lately were made into a reality disaster show, it would be called ‘When Good News Strikes.’

One of the inconveniences of political debate is that occasionally reality intrudes to invalidate a given position no matter how much its partisans want to believe it. This is what has been happening recently to the argument that the invasion of Iraq produced an irrecoverable mess. Although surely setbacks still await us in Iraq and the Middle East, stunning headlines from the region have left many liberals perversely glum about upbeat news.

Schadenfreude has faded into its happiness-hating opposite, gluckschmerz.”

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One Response to “When good news strikes”

  1. MonicaR said

    Even my leftist ‘good neighbor’ has conceded that the good news might actually be a good thing. He’s come a long way since debating furiously over the past several years with me and my husband. He even voted – which he hadn’t done for decades. God Bless him – I don’t even care who he voted for.

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