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lgf: Middle East News Roundup

Posted by Dan Draney on March 8, 2005

There are serveral posts tonight on Little Green Footballs that we’d like to discuss here. Rather than become an LGF Mirror Site for the Day, we’ll roll them all into one post with minimal comments.

lgf: Afghanistan Attacks Decline Dramatically as Mullah Omar loses control.
lgf: Kuwaiti Women Demonstrate for women’s suffrage. (Nothing to do with Bush’s policies, of course.)
lgf: Hundreds of Thousands of Lebanese Protest Syria. Three weeks since Hariri’s murder, and daily demonstrations continue. (Nothing to do with Bush’s policies, of course.)
lgf: Hezbollah to Protest Tomorrow in Beirut. No, not against Syrian occupation, in favor of it.
lgf: The Times, the T Word, and the ICNA. The NY Times gets advice from terrorist supporters on when/when not to use the term “terrorism.”

That should do it for now. To keep our membership card for The Vast Rightwing Conspiracy we have to do this when the LizardMaster commands it.


2 Responses to “lgf: Middle East News Roundup”

  1. MonicaR said

    Your Master is a Lizard? Well – my Master is a Zionist! LOL!The only thing I saw on FoxNews today (other than 2 hours of Clinton’s upcoming surgery) was news of demonstrations in Lebanon PRO SYRIA occupation.It was very depressing. It looked like tens of thousands. I’m glad to hear that the demonstrations against Syria are still happening.We must find a Lebanese blogger….

  2. Abe said

    Here is an interesting post about the Hezbollah demonstrations. Not so much fun as the anti-Syria ones. 🙂 (via Roger L. Simon)

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