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Two Arrests in Armanious Murders in NJ

Posted by Dan Draney on March 5, 2005

A break in the case of the Coptic Christian family murdered in New Jersey:

Ex-Cons Accused of Brutally Murdering Family “The family of devout Coptic Christian Hossam Armanious was found stabbed in their home on January 14th, setting off religious tension between Muslims and Coptic Christians in the area.

But now it appears that this all came down to a couple of ex-cons–former drug dealers–who were greedy and desperate for money.

At this hour, two suspects in the case are being held on $10 million bail, and prosecutors say this case is being considered for the death penalty.”

As it should be.

UPDATE: Robert Spencer has some “final” comments on the case at Jihad Watch.
UPDATE2 (3/6): Some background information on the history lived by Coptic Christians in Egypt from Hugh Fitzgerald.


2 Responses to “Two Arrests in Armanious Murders in NJ”

  1. MonicaR said

    This is really interesting and I have to admit that I was not really satisfied with the explanation given of these men murdering the family for their ATM card.I will admit it’s possible that my own prejudice toward this incident may be making it difficult for me to accept the explanation.Whatever the reason I just don’t believe that that is all there is to it. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who feels this way after reading the link you gave. I asked my husband how he felt about it and he feels the same as I. He, like I, had sort of pushed that feeling of disbelief aside until confronted with the discussion of it.

  2. Abe said

    My opinion has been that it was either a ritual slaying or someone wanted it to look that way. One wants to believe the authorities investigate thoroughly, and they certainly have lots more knowledge about a case than any of us outsiders. I certainly plan to continue to follow the case. I expect Spencer will, too, despite his “final words” post.

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