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If You Are Ever Cornered by a Grizzly Bear…

Posted by Dan Draney on March 5, 2005

try playing dead. It might work. If it doesn’t work, at least it will be good practice.


2 Responses to “If You Are Ever Cornered by a Grizzly Bear…”

  1. MonicaR said

    Grizzly Mama agrees.

  2. Abe said

    I actually came up with that joke about 5 yrs ago. We were visiting the Grizzly Bear Center just outside of Yellowstone Park, and there was a display that gave the “play dead” advice. The “good practice” part was my addition.It came to mind again last night, when I picked up #2 son at a friend’s house. They had been playing Dungeons and Dragons and the party had just faced a grizzly bear.I did think of you when I posted it. :-)I see the comment is now longer than the post.

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